Kalami Bay

Kalami is a picturesque bay at North East of Corfu. One of the most beautiful areas for your holidays in this emerald Ionian island, Kalami is also a very famous place. In Kalami is the well known “White House”, where Laurence Durrell lived his early years and wrote his most famous novels. Kalami bay is also famous, because international jet setters and tycoons have their own little private paradise villas built here. Kalami Bay is one of the most fabulous places in Corfu and has been awarded with “blue flag” for its crystal clear waters.

Kalami offers the best possible holidays for families. It is Kalami’s peacefulness and calmness and Kalami’s tranquil nature that makes the place so attractive. At Kalami and in front of the wave, by all means, one can find lovely tavernas and can enjoy Greek food. At Kalami Corfu’s hospitality and friendliness is a tradition. Kalami also has its. “Kalami Parking”, where its visitors can securely leave their cars. Also, famous movies, like “For your eyes only” and “Greek Tycoon” where filmed in Kalami bay.

Kalami is also a lovely place to those of you who like long distance walkings. You can start walking from Kalami and reach as far as the highest peak of Corfu (Pantokrator). Kalami is also a lovely place to those of you who like long distance walkings. You can start walking from Kalami and reach as far as the highest peak of Corfu (Pantokrator). Other walking resorts nearby Kalami are Kouloura, Kerasia, San Stefanos, Agni. The information will be given to you in more details in our agency “Sunshine Travel “.

At Kalami you can find a beautiful, tiny gift shop, called “Kalami Craft” which you can visit and buy lovely hand made presents to yourselves and to your beloved ones. This way you can keep Kalami treasured in your heart. Bars and supermarkets are also available in Kalami.

Every year, in Kalami, are organized local festivals. “The Varkarola”, which takes place into the dreamy evening sea of Kalami bay is one of the most sentimental summer events. At the yard of the church, above Kalami, at the main road, near Gimari village is also organized the “The Festival of the Traditional Village Pie”, where the locals sing and dance traditionally and you can have the chance to try Kalami’ s interesting old cuisine.

Thomas Katsaros, born in Kalami himself, started the business, with Alexandra, his wife’s, assistance, by opening the very well known tavern “Thomas’s Place” in 1985.

The increasing demand, coming from our friends and customers for further services, drove Thomas to extend his business into new fields.

Therefore, in 1989 the travel agency “Sunshine Travel ” was established, which continues offering its services up to this date, under Angeliki’s and George’s management. The agency offers the following services:

Accommodation: At Kalami and nearby locations (luxurious villas, traditional villas, apartments by the sea, studios, youth hostel, family pancion).

Excurtions: To famous spots of Corfu, to Ionian islands, to the nearby mainland and also to Albania .

*Local Boat Excurtions : East coast cruise, Homer B.B.Q, Mitsos fishing trips.

*Fun And Happenings :

  • Aqualand
  • Calypso cruise (sea water show)
  • Diving at Nissaki.

*Adventure And Tradition : Exciting excursions to Pantocrator Mountain (highest spot of Corfu ) and Old Perithia (traditional village built 3 centuries ago).

*Transport :

  • From and to the airport.
  • To various destinations all over Corfu .

*Services :

  • Taxis
  • Cars (All cars can be delivered at the airport at the arrival date and be returned there on the departure date)
  • Boats
  • Motorbikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • *Exchange

*Special Services :

  • Medical service (Doctor’s availability 24 hours per day)
  • Baby sitting
  • Super Market delivery. (Special products for mothers and young babies also available)
  • Internet services
  • When possible organizing transport to local festivals.

In 1990 “Kalami Craft ” a pretty little gift shop was the next business step. It is a small world of good taste, where the word “gift” finds its real meaning. Hand made objects, hand painted ceramics and pottery, silver jewellery and very original Byzantine style icons hand painted on wooden objects are some of the things you can find there. Little things for you to treasure and remember through them your holidays at Kalami.

Fascinating and stylish, Kalami Craft, will capture your heart and you will definitely find a little something there, which you would love to buy for yourselves or for your beloved ones on various occasions, like Christmas and birthdays